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Paternity Testing in Las Vegas, Nevada

  Welcome to Advanced Paternity, your trusted provider of fast and accurate DNA testing services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our state-of-the-art laboratory specializes in a wide range of DNA analyses, including forensic casework, convicted offender databasing, paternity testing, family reconstruction, ancestry analysis, and research and development. We understand the significance of establishing paternity and the complexities involved, which is why we are committed to offering affordable DNA testing resources to the residents of Las Vegas. At Advanced Paternity, we follow the philosophy of “Highest Quality Built-In,” ensuring that every step of the testing process, from sample collection to results reporting, adheres to the highest quality standards. With our extensive network of lab locations throughout the country, including Las Vegas, we prioritize delivering fast turnaround times for our clients. Once your samples arrive at our DNA testing lab, you can expect results within 48 hours. Our team of highly trained professionals is continually expanding, guaranteeing the provision of the highest quality DNA testing services in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a free consultation, please call us at (866) 531-6413. We understand the importance of confidentiality, and we ensure that all our DNA testing services are 100% confidential, protecting your privacy throughout the entire process. Choose Advanced Paternity for reliable and accurate DNA testing in Las Vegas. We offer a variety of paternity testing options. Call (866) 531-6413 for a Free Consultation